Leadership Core

Ready for Next Level Leadership Skills?

Show me a problem and I’ll show you a leadership problem.

How will stronger leadership skills change your life?

  • Get that promotion or new job?
  • Increased team performance?
  • Reduce stress?
  • Improved work life balance?

Our GoSucceed! Leadership Core program has been designed for current and future leaders at all levels.

Future Leaders
Are you looking to move into a leadership role? Congratulations on being proactive, this is a great leadership trait. Our VExplorations don’t assume any previous leadership experience, but will suggest ways you can practice what you are learning in your day to day life.

New Leaders
Congratulations on joining the leadership ranks. A willingness to admit to yourself you don’t have all the answers and a drive to find them will serve you well in your new role.  Our Leadership Core program begins with a crash course in key leadership concepts such as habit modification, time management, communication, accountability, and team culture.

Experienced Leaders
Great leaders are always looking to become even better. Stephen Covey nicely captured this concept as the importance of Sharpening the Saw. People often confuse having heard a good idea before with actually putting it into practice. As an experienced leader you will likely be familiar with some of the concepts discussed in our Leadership Core program. This will allow you to move beyond developing a basic understanding of the habit or skill and appreciate new benefits or approaches given your personal development since the last time you were exposed to the concept.

Our Leadership Core program structure addresses some of the key shortcomings of traditional leadership training. As a busy leader, it can be hard to find time to invest in developing your leadership skills on an on-going basis. In our experience 1/2 day or multi-day workshops have limited success, as they take the leader out of their day-to-day environment. Best intentions are quickly forgotten when the rate race resumes. Face it, habits are hard to change. This is why the Leadership Core program starts by addressing Habit Modification.

While it may be hard to find time to dedicate towards developing your leadership skills on an going basis, it can be done and is key to achieving lasting change. This is why our second module focuses on time management and prioritization, and why the GoSucceed! Leadership Core program is delivered in ~15 minute modules on a weekly basis. Give us 30 minutes of your time each week and we will make you a better leader, or your money back. See our 30 Day money back Guarantee.

Cost: About the cost of a Venti designer coffee / week.


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